Cocky Striker

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Cocky Striker

Cocky Striker

A Hero Club Novel

By: Hero Club, Evan Grace

series:Hero Club
audio performed by: Lance Greenfield, Kai Kennicott
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:09/29/2020
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Some say I'm cocky - I say I'm confident.  

Things have always come easy for me; sports, academics...girls. And I've used all of that to my advantage the past three years of college. I've got it all, or at least I thought I did until Laken walks into my life. 

I've never desired a relationship like my parents have, but there is some mysterious pull I feel toward this brunette I've noticed around campus. And with each interaction we have, I long to know her more. Yet the closer we get, the harder she resists and the higher the walls go up. I sense there's something more - a secret she's hiding - one she doesn't trust to share with me yet. But she will, if I have my way, and I'll do anything if she'll take a chance on me. On us. 

I grew up hearing the story of how my parents met, their separation, how my dad fought for them, and their happily ever after. I just never expected or wanted to find that for myself. Now that I have, I don't want to ever let them go.  

But when I'm given the opportunity of a lifetime after graduation, will the offer of my heart be enough for her to accept? Or will I lose her forever?