Bleed, The

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Bleed, The

Bleed, The


By: Mark Tufo, Chris Philbrook, David Moody

series:The Bleed #1
audio performed by: Scott Aiello
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:10/21/2020
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The first book in a new series spanning worlds and ages. A war is raging between gods and demons, with an unstoppable interdimensional terror - THE BLEED - destroying everything it touches. From ancient alien civilisations through to modern day London, through to deep space and beyond, nothing and no one is safe. The Bleed wants flesh. It wants to destroy life. It wants to be worshipped.

London: next week.
The Bleed strains at the edges of reality, and God has come to help Earth make a stand against the demons from beyond, but it's going to come down to one frightened kid to save the entire planet from a blood-soaked fate.

The moon: sometime in the future.
A covert mission to colonize the moon is Earth's last chance. The mission is going well, until the brand-new technology used to operate the colony begins failing mysteriously. Will the survivors of Earth's civil war be caught up in a larger conflict they couldn't ever know anything about?

Another world: another time.
The gods of this world left to fight the Bleed. The war raged on the horizon, at the very edge of this reality. One morning there are screams at the shore and the red tide arrives. The war against the monsters of the Bleed is no longer forgotten history, it's happening now.

It Always Bleeds Through. Three Worlds. Three Authors. The Mother of All Apocalypses.