My Happily Ever After

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My Happily Ever After

My Happily Ever After

By: Sanjay Sharma

audio performed by: Rohan Gupta
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:10/21/2020
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Keshav is a small-town guy who lands up in Delhi for his engineering degree in a well-known college. The twist in his tale is - he does not want to be an engineer. He wants to be an author. 

When fate brings him face to face with Aditi, he is stumped by her beauty and heavenly voice. Like him, her dreams lie elsewhere. She aspires to be a singer and not an engineer. They bond over their dreams and passion, and a deep bond is forged. 

But just when things are going great between the two, a turning point pulls them apart. While she leaves him to pursue her dreams, he plunges into depression and anxiety. 

My Happily Ever After is a heartwarming tale of electrifying friendships, life-altering dreams, and everlasting love which will motivate you to live the life of your dreams.