If I Don't Have You

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If I Don't Have You

If I Don't Have You

Jacaranda Twenty in 2020

By: Sareeta Domingo

audio performed by: Jakobi Diem, Jessye Romeo
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:11/03/2020
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A captivating, sexy romance that explores the limits of love at first sight....

Afro-Brazilian filmmaker Ren is recovering from a romantic betrayal. Kayla is a Black British artist and journalist keen to make her mark. Thrown together during a string of interviews in New York for Ren's latest film, they're struck by an irresistible attraction. The two surrender to one night of searing honesty and passion, which leaves them with more questions than answers about the future. 

With secrets lurking between them, letting their romance continue could upend the separate lives Ren and Kayla have so carefully built. But can they really risk losing their miraculous connection?