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Practices for Awakening the Third Eye

By: Dr Gillian Ross

audio performed by: Dr Gillian Ross
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:11/17/2020


The third eye has always been regarded by those who seek to know themselves as being a precious jewel on the forehead that marks a gateway to the inner realm of the Spirit.

The practices on this CD gently guide you through that sacred portal, awakening your perception of subtle energy and profoundly enhancing your powers of self-healing as well sharpening your intuitions and deepening self-knowledge. The third eye is like the ‘eye of the storm’. It is a still inner space, which transcends the agitation of everyday consciousness. Moving into that space, even for only a few minutes each day, reduce stress levels and brings greater calmness and clarity to your daily life.

The practices do not require any previous experience of meditation to bring benefits, which are powerful, immediate and lasting.