Treasury of Mindfulness

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Treasury of Mindfulness

Treasury of Mindfulness

How to Rest in the Quiet Heart of Calm

By: Paddy Brosnan

audio performed by: Cecelia Ramsdale
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:11/17/2020


“Paddy Brosnan has a gift for making mindfulness and the philosophy behind it immediately understandable in everyday life.” Padraig O’Morain

From author and mindfulness expert, Paddy Brosnan (This Works, Hay House, 2018) comes Treasury of Mindfulness. A collection of simple yet precious resources which will enhance your life and add to the quality of your everyday experiences. This book is filled with useful and engaging resources and tips and is ideal for those new to mindfulness and those who have been practising for some time.

Open this treasure chest to find whatever you might need at a given moment – and in the process, discover lots of other unexpected, delightful and useful ideas for living mindfully.

Treasury of Mindfulness opens with a couple of short, chapters outlining in simple terms the key principles of mindfulness and how to develop the practice in everyday life. Then there is the Treasury itself, where the reader can rummage around to find exactly what they are looking for, or, even better, in which they can randomly open a page whenever the mood takes them and trust that whatever they’ve landed on is something they will find helpful and thought-provoking.

Each entry in the Treasury features one of four different kinds of mindfulness tools:

  • A Mindful Meditation - the formal practice by which we can develop our ability to live mindfully.
  • Everyday Mindfulness – simple ways in which to incorporate mindfulness into the things we do every day.
  • Mindful Ideas - these are all things that the author has found to be really beneficial to his practice, and which have helped him live more mindfully. They are fun and will add a different, more relaxed quality to your life if you do them regularly.
  • One-Minute Mindfulness - in times of stress, anxiety, panic or frustration, we are not always in a position to sit quietly and meditate for even 5 or 10 minutes. There are lots of mindful techniques to help us in moments of turmoil and some of the most useful of these are featured in the One-Minute Mindfulness exercises.

As well as the above, scattered liberally throughout the Treasury are a number of beautiful quotes from inspirational people, past and present – and some from the author of this book too. A great way to use these would be to think of them as your ‘thought for the day’, to be mulled over for a while before moving on. Also included is a separate chapter focusing on mindfulness for kids which features some really fun mindful activities especially for children.