Top Secret Grandad and Me

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Top Secret Grandad and Me

Top Secret Grandad and Me

Death by Tumble Dryer & Death by Soup

By: David MacPhail

audio performed by: James Saunders
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Middle Grade
publication date:11/17/2020
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Wannabe detective plus (top-secret) ghost side-sick equals a brilliant team!

You'd think a ghost grandad would be a great sidekick for a wannabe detective. Unfortunately, if there was a 'being a good ghost' exam, Jay’s grandad would fail spectacularly – he hates walking through walls, he can't touch anything and he's rubbish at haunting.

Death by Tumble Dryer: After his dad literally did a vanishing act (he’s a magician!), 11-year-old Jay Patel has turned detective. Can he solve his first case?

Death by Soup: Someone is killing off the guests at a fancy hotel in the Scottish countryside. Jay Patel must solve the case – before he’s the next victim!