Marseille Noir

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Marseille Noir

Marseille Noir

By: Cedric Fabre (Editor)

series:Akashic Noir
audio performed by: Chris Kayser, Laurie Winkel, Carolyn Cook, Jamie Renell, Nicholas Tecosky, David Miles
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:11/03/2020
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The Akashic Noir series first ventured into France with Paris Noir - and now moves one step deeper....

A crossroads for the people of Europe and the Mediterranean, Marseille is a city that does not discriminate. It embodies the down-and-dirty, tough-guy side of France, but what it lacks in sophistication, it makes up for in spirit. Still, in its shadows lurks a not-so-distant that can be found in stories translated from French by David Ball and Nicole Ball and written by François Beaune, Philippe Carrese, Patrick Coulomb, Cédric Fabre, René Frégni, Christian Garcin, Salim Hatubou, Rebecca Lighieri, Emmanuel Loi, Marie Neuser, Pia Petersen, Serge Scotto, Minna Sif, and François Thomazeau.