China from the Inside

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China from the Inside

China from the Inside

Letters from an Economist

By: Liam Brunt

audio performed by: Simon Shepherd
genre: Political/Social - Political Science
publication date:12/01/2020
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This audiobook delivers the fascinating account of one Western family's time living and working in China. Told through a series of letters, China from the Inside: Letters from an Economist presents insights into the society and economy of a country that is often opaque to outsiders and poorly understood. The author's expertise as an economist and the family's efforts to integrate into Chinese society furnish a vivid and unique account. It provides a valuable new perspective on the Chinese worldview, social relations and economy, as well as informed opinion on its projected economic development.

Addressing issues ranging from the education system to the sustainability of economic growth, this is an accessible and engaging audiobook that will be essential listening for all those interested in China and its future.