No Fair Lady

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No Fair Lady

No Fair Lady

By: Nicole Snow

series:Heroes of Heart's Edge #5
audio performed by: CJ Bloom, Sebastian York
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:11/17/2020
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Unbreakable. Lethal. Rip-your-heart-out fine.

Now let me tell you about him....

Oliver Major was the only lunk brave enough to tame me. Strict. Rich. Deliciously handsome. The right kind of scary. And the scary kind of right. He was my rugged oasis in high-stakes corporate hell.

The day he disappeared without a trace sheared my soul.

Years later, I'm on a date with destiny. A risky mission seeking answers to my train wreck of a life. Then a little tip from Heart's Edge blows open the shocking truth.

What Galentron Inc. took from me isn't gone. Maybe I didn't sign myself over to the devil for nothing. Think this is my big redemption? Think again.

Behind every villainess, there's a story. Beneath every ice princess, an old flame. And once, there was a man who stole my heart. The same big bad protector who's come back to haunt me.

Oh, the things I'd give to taste Oliver one more time...but how can I ever forgive him?

From Wall Street Journal best-selling author Nicole Snow - the bad girl with a heart of stone rediscovers the hero she thought she'd lost. An unlikely happily ever after with a twist. Checking out the previous Heroes of Heart's Edge books first is recommended.