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series:Galaxy's Edge: Dark Operator #2
audio performed by: Stephen Dexter
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:11/17/2020
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There's only one distraction from the stress of combat for a legionnaire - the next mission. For Sergeant Kel Turner and Kill Team Three, the wait is never long. Whether it's on a core world snatching a delusional genius who knows too much or on the edge forging allies among a complex alien culture, Dark Ops are the foot soldiers of the House of Reason's galactic game for dominance. 

Danger looms over Kel and his teammates like taxes over a Republic citizen. The promise is written in blood. Now they face a crisis that makes their worst firefight tame in comparison. Kel learns that sometimes there are no clear answers, manuals, or templates to follow. Isolated from Republic help, when the lives of thousands hang in the balance, a planet looks for a savior.

Fortunately, when there's a dark operator on hand, the odds favor the Legion.

Galaxy's Edge: Dark Operator follows the earliest days of Legion Dark Ops following the Savage Wars. Written by US Army veteran Doc Spears with Galaxy's Edge cocreators Jason Anspach and Nick Cole, Dark Operator: Rebellion is a thrilling military action epic!