Perilous Tower, The

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Perilous Tower, The

Perilous Tower, The

By: Ian Irvine

series:The Gates of Good and Evil #3
audio performed by: Grant Cartwright
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:01/15/2021


The Perilous Tower is the third audio instalment in riveting fantasy quartet, The Gates of Good and Evil by best-selling author Ian Irvine.

The ferocious warrior race, the Merdrun, have finally succeeded in invading the beautiful world of Santhenar, in the culmination of a plan they’ve been working on for 10,000 years. But they have only 55 days to build the Sapphire Portal, the greatest tower in the history of the Three Worlds, and put their dreadful plan into effect.

Karan, Llian and their dubious and untrusting allies have only 55 days to destroy the reborn summon stone that gives the Merdrun their power. Fifty-five days to develop their daughter Sulien’s magical gift and unlock the hidden memory that could reveal the Merdrun’s one fatal weakness. Fifty-five days to save her life.

But Sulien has been abducted, along with dozens of other gifted children and a hundred thousand adults, all enslaved to build the mighty portal in time. To save her life, Karan faces the most difficult choice of all – going into the enemy camp and becoming a helpless slave herself.