Stories with the Wiggles

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Stories with the Wiggles

Stories with the Wiggles

By: The Wiggles

audio performed by: The Wiggles
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:01/15/2021


The Wiggles have been entertaining and delighting children for three decades. While the original line-up has changed, their popularity continues and the reason for this is simple: They see things from the perspective of the child.

It is the basic principle that informs their work. Because their performances are developmentally appropriate for their young audiences, they continue to attract and involve those audiences around the world.

Stories include:

1. A Wiggly Dance
2. Emma’s New Show
3. Everybody Dance!
4. Where is Lachy?
5. Wiggle Town Concert Time
6. Emma’s Christmas Surprise