Alone in Plain Sight

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Alone in Plain Sight

Alone in Plain Sight

Searching for Connection When You're Seen but Not Known

By: Ben Higgins

audio performed by: Ben Higgins
genre: Faith Based - Christian Living
publication date:02/02/2021


The cofounder of GeneroCity Coffee and lead of The Bachelor's twentieth season reveals the key to being seen and known, as well as to leading a life that truly matters.

In Alone in Plain Sight, Higgins shares his perspective as a fellow sojourner on the journey to find connection and meaning. Examining the questions he has wrestled with personally, he invites us to

  • realize that the measure of how connected we are with ourselves is how connected we are with others;
  • discover why connection with others is essential and how shared pain can bridge even the widest gaps between two very different people;
  • deconstruct the fairy-tale view of love that culture advertises and address the lie that being single is a disease that needs to be cured; and
  • understand that the God who seeks connection is the answer to the deep yearning we have to connect to something bigger than ourselves.