One Split Second

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One Split Second

One Split Second

By: Caroline Bond

audio performed by: Dushan Philips
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:02/15/2021


A moving and ultimately uplifting listen that challenges us to reflect on our own beliefs about guilt, responsibility and forgiveness from best-selling author Caroline Bond.

When a car carrying five teenagers home from a party crashes into a brick wall, the consequences are devastating - not just for the young people directly involved, but also for their families, their friends and the wider community.

By 2:30 a.m. the whereabouts of most of the kids were known. Most - but not all. Because, for a small handful of parents, there was no response to their frantic calls and messages.

No wordless reunions and fierce hugs. These parents - the truly unlucky ones - plunged headlong into the awful realisation that their child had been involved in the night’s events....

The final goodbye is the hardest....

No one escapes unscathed, but some are more deeply scarred than others, and one of the group will not survive. In their grief and confusion, those left behind question who was to blame for the accident - and what price they will pay.

A haunting and emotionally affecting story about love and loyalty, grief and forgiveness.