Cocky Professor

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Cocky Professor

Cocky Professor

A Hero Club Novel

By: Hero Club, M.A. Lee

series:Hero Club
audio performed by: Aiden Snow, Desireé Ketchum
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:01/19/2021
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I was supposed to be starting a new life. 

But fate had something else in mind. 

I was in my senior year of college and had just started a new job at Morgan Financial Holdings, and I was bound and determined to get my foot in the door of the business world. I refused to ask my Uncle Hollis for more help. He had given up his life to take care of me, no way was I going to ask him for anything else. 

However, my new professor, Declan Berkshire, just happened to be a huge cocky jerk. As the heir to a real estate franchise, he was both rich and a celebrity - and truth be told, the hottest guy I had ever met. 

He also happened to be a client at Morgan Financial Holdings. Just my luck, right? 

While I tried to keep a safe distance from Declan, he was finding every way possible to get my attention. 

We both knew it was wrong to fall into a relationship. He is my professor and I had way too much to lose if anyone were to find out, but we just couldn't help ourselves. 

Then we became front-page news. 

Fearing I may have to drop my last class before earning my degree, I tried to end my relationship with Declan. Refusing to give me up, Declan fought for us when I didn't think it was possible. 

With so much on the line, Declan made one of the most difficult decisions possible and one that led us to our own magical romance. But it hasn't been easy and someone is out to stop us from getting our happily ever after.