Holy Bible: King James Version, The

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Holy Bible: King James Version, The

Holy Bible: King James Version, The

The Old and New Testaments

By: King James Version

audio performed by: L.J. Ganser, Scott Brick, Suzanne Toren, Jennifer Van Dyck, Ellen Archer, Prentice Onayemi
genre: Faith Based - Religion
publication date:01/19/2021
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  • (KJV) King James Study Bible
  • Bible study story of "Jesus Turns Water into Wine" in the final chapter.

Have you heard this very popular bible story?

This newer edition of the King James Bible published in 1769 is usually preferred by most that read it over the older 1611 version.

This 1769 edition is highly sought after due to being more reader/listener friendly than the 1611 since many typos were fixed....

We hope your new audio bible will go everywhere with you and be a blessing for years to come.