Noble Retribution

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Noble Retribution

Noble Retribution

By: L.T. Ryan

series:Jack Noble #6
audio performed by: Dennis Holland
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:01/26/2021
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This is the season compilation of episodes 6-10 of the serial thriller Noble Intentions. The books included are the same as the individual episodes.

Season two picks up where season one left off. Jack Noble is dead. That's what the world believes, at least. Truth is he's been lying low on the Greek island of Crete. Six months have passed, and with them so has Jack's edge. But then he gets the call, and it's time to return to action. Jack made a mess, and now is the time to clean it up. One way or another, he's determined to repay his debt. But will it cost him his life?