Still Learning

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Still Learning

Still Learning

A Memoir

By: India Oxenberg

audio performed by: India Oxenberg
genre: Biography - Nonfiction/Memoir
publication date:01/26/2021
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Still Learning is India Oxenberg's intimate, first-person account of how she was lured into and, seven years later, escaped from the NXIVM cult, DOS. 

As the secret sorority within NXIVM's vast Ponzi network, DOS was created by Keith Raniere and his acolytes to serve as a source of "slaves" to Keith and the other “masters”. Despite the fantastical headlines, the focus of Still Learning reflects what many parents and age peers of India's will recognize as a far more familiar 20-something conundrum - a new adult trying to discover who she is, and in the process second-guessing the advice of parents, concerned siblings, and close friends who prove to be all too right - about a romantic partner, a sharp turn off of a hard-won educational track, or a dangerous group like NXIVM. India's is a surprisingly relatable “adulting” tale set amidst one of the most alarming news stories of the day, rich with data on warning signs that distinguish exploration from exploitation. 

This is much more than a survival story; it's a deeply personal reflection on how to come out (or help a loved one come out) the other side intact, still hopeful, and remarkably adult.