Caesar's Shadow - A LitRPG Series

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Caesar's Shadow - A LitRPG Series

Caesar's Shadow - A LitRPG Series

By: Anthony Wright

series:Gods & Kings #1
audio performed by: Joe Jameson
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:03/02/2021
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History obsessed gamer Matt Bailey has always dreamed of commanding his own Roman Legion. Now he can. The newest VRMMORPG Gods & Kings is the closest thing to a time machine he'll ever get.

With the powers of his Warrior Priest class Matt must build his army, level his followers, and discover new battle formations that will help him defeat his enemies and become a true Roman general.

More victories means more glory and more men – so Matt must use all his knowledge of history to give his fighters the edge in battle, as well as buffing his troops with ancient magic and even summoning mythic beasts to fight alongside his men. It's awesome!   

But his carefree attitude soon earns the scorn of a serious competitor who has made it his mission to rewrite history and see Matt and his allies destroyed. To see the version of Rome he loves come to life, Matt must use all his skill to defeat his nemesis and save the empire.