When Harry Met Harry

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When Harry Met Harry

When Harry Met Harry

By: Sydney Smyth

audio performed by: Teddy Hamilton, Malcolm Young
genre: Fiction - Fiction/Gay Fiction
publication date:03/02/2021
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Beautifully tender and unforgettably funny, prepare to fall in love with this modern-day nod to a classic romantic comedy.   

Ever since their chance encounter as seatmates on the plane ride from hell, Harry “Harrison” Fields and Harry “Henry” Lee have had a love-hate relationship. But every time their paths have crossed over the years, they've grown to like each other more and more, even developing an unlikely friendship.  

Now, Harrison is a fun-loving music teacher who wears his heart on his sleeve, and Henry is a hard-driving business man who's still striving to get out of his father's shadow. 

As they go through life's inevitable heartaches and losses, their friendship only deepens. Sure, there's always been a simmering attraction between them, but nothing worth threatening their friendship over...until one of them takes things too far. But when a valuable friendship hangs in the balance, is a chance at romance worth the price?