Get Ready

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Get Ready

Get Ready

A Champion's Guide to Preparing for the Moments that Matter

By: Buzzy Cohen

audio performed by: Buzzy Cohen
genre: Faith Based - Inspirational
publication date:03/09/2021
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Beloved Jeopardy! champ Buzzy Cohen reveals the eccentric yet effective training method he developed to prep for the show, and empowers listeners to apply these techniques to train for their own challenges in this one-of-a-kind Audible Original. 

Tens of thousands of people take the online qualification exam for Jeopardy! every year, and only 0.4% of these hopefuls will appear on the show. But even after a nine-game winning streak and a victory in the Tournament of Champions, fan favorite Buzzy Cohen maintains that he wasn't actually the smartest contestant in the bunch - he just “trained smarter" than his competitors with his quirky strategies and obsessive techniques, from wearing suits every day to studying while hanging from a chin-up bar. Once he realized how much could be accomplished with great preparation, he became a prep fanatic - testing his theories on everything from deadlifting to tap dancing. 

Here, Buzzy draws on his own experience as well as interviews with other top performers (from musicians and federal prosecutors to glassblowers and competitive coffee brewers) to teach listeners how the unique preparation method he developed can help them train for high-pressure performance situations in their own lives: interviews, exams, professional presentations, speeches, physical challenges, and more. 

In Get Ready, Buzzy has created a step-by-step guide to effective prep, proving it's not innate talent or genetics that creates champions, but the best training. Are you ready to get ready?