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series:Galaxy's Edge: Dark Operator #4
audio performed by: Stephen Dexter
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:03/09/2021
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A legionnaire's only failure is the failure to do what's right.

Kel Turner is a victim of his own success. His exploits and victories as part of Kill Team Three bring the attention of forces seeking hegemony over the Republic.

These shadowy power brokers know that a man like Kel represents a threat to their plans...unless he can be persuaded to join them. And if the operator declines, his hidden enemy will stop at nothing to destroy him.

At a deadly crossroads, Kel is told to choose between love and duty. But his foes are ignorant that he has a third choice.


The dark operator is the master of all the tools of lethal combat. Kel will need them all to succeed. 

Experience the epic fourth installment of the Dark Operator series and join Kel on a desperate, daring mission against an evil that runs deep in the heart of the Republic.