End of the World Is Bigger than Love, The

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End of the World Is Bigger than Love, The

End of the World Is Bigger than Love, The

By: Davina Bell

audio performed by: Sophie Loughran
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:04/15/2021


The End of the World is Bigger Than Love, by award-winning Australian author Davina Bell, about two identical sisters who live alone on an island together. It reflects something of our difficult times with an innocence and lightness that belie underlying loss and grief.

‘To be aware of the risks and wade in anyway – that is life, dear Summer. Your glass-bottomed boat may crack. But to have sailed it and seen into the soul of another realm. Isn’t the wonder worth it?’

Identical twin sisters Summer and Winter live alone on a remote island, sheltered from the fallout of a mysterious event that has laid waste to the rest of the world. They survive on rations stockpiled by their father and spend their days reading and rereading their mother’s collection of classic literature – until the arrival of a mysterious stranger upends their carefully constructed reality.

At first, Edward is a welcome distraction. But who is he really, and why has he come? As love blooms and the world stops spinning, the secrets of the girls’ past begin to unravel and escape is the only option.

A sumptuously written story of love and grief; of sisterly affection and the ultimate sacrifice; of technological progress and climate catastrophe; of an enigmatic bear and a talking whale: The End of the World Is Bigger than Love is unlike anything you’ve heard before.