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By: Hayley Stone

series:Last Resistance #3
audio performed by: Kate Reading
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:04/27/2021
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To create a new world, everything in the old one must die.

Rhona Long is no one's commander anymore. 

Out in the cold after a rescue mission gone wrong, Rhona moves forward with her own desperate strategy to stop the machines - only now she must do it without the resources of McKinley base, currently occupied by a hostile power. 

But when Rhona encounters a group of machine reformers and learns a devastating truth about the higher echelon's endgame, she must decide whether to finish what her predecessor started by destroying the brilliant artificial life con-trolling the machines - or do the unthinkable by saving it. 

Join ex-commander Rhona Long as she faces off against the machines and their malicious A.I. overlord to decide humanity's fate in this epic conclusion to the Last Resistance Series.