If You Are Lonely and You Know It

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If You Are Lonely and You Know It

If You Are Lonely and You Know It

By: Yiyun Li

series:Currency #6
audio performed by: Malcolm Hillgartner
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:02/25/2021


He tends to his garden and bees. He keeps quiet. He avoids drama. Until one transgression causes an emotional adventure in this heartfelt short story by Yiyun Li, a PEN/Hemingway Award–winning author.

Lonely, thanklessly courteous, and without the benefit of status, Gordon Schulmeister is only tolerated in his younger, hip, and gentrified Oakland neighborhood. Now, amid the tensions of a pandemic, the cantankerousness of his landlord, and dog sitting an intimidating pit bull, Gordon has never felt the target on his back so acutely. To keep his neighbors off his heels, with some hope and a sigh, Gordon might have to finally speak up.

Yiyun Li’s If You Are Lonely and You Know It is part of Currency, a compounding collection of stories about wealth, class, competition, and collapse. If time is money, deposit here with interest. Read or listen in a single sitting.

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