As the Smoke Clears

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As the Smoke Clears

As the Smoke Clears

By: Zoe Holohan

audio performed by: Zoe Holohan
genre: Biography - Nonfiction/Memoir
publication date:05/15/2021


As the Smoke Clears is an inspiring true story of finding hope after heartbreak.

This audiobook begins on July 23rd 2018 in the seaside town of Mati, Greece where Zoe and her husband of four days Brain were enjoying their honeymoon. On that day wildfires swept across the area, killing 103 people. Zoe and Brian fled their villa, chased by the flames. In the end, Zoe was one of the few survivors from that particular area, having been miraculously rescued from the boot of a burning car, just seconds from death. She suffered severe burns all over her face and body. Her husband Brian was killed in front of her.

Here Zoe reveals her innermost private thoughts, the emotional journey of grappling with the loss of her true love and partner, the media circus that ensued while she fought for my life in a Greek hospital and her second brush with death when she contracted a rare, near-fatal condition known as TEN on her transfer to an Irish hospital. She describes what it was like to learn how to walk, talk, use her limbs and face a future with a deeply disfigured body.

Zoe takes the listener on a deeply personal journey through that life-altering year which teaches us to seek hope and happiness, even in the most tragic of circumstances.