Self-Love Habit, The

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Self-Love Habit, The

Self-Love Habit, The

Transform Fear and Self-Doubt Into Serenity, Peace and Power

By: Fiona Brennan

audio performed by: Fiona Brennan
genre: Self Help/Family - Self Help
publication date:05/15/2021


This audiobook will clarify what self-love actually is and how can we learn this emotional skill.

We often hear the phrases, 'self-love,' 'self-care' and that 'you need to love yourself to be happy and to love others.' However, many of us don’t know what this means or how to love ourselves. In an era of selfies, rampant social media use and the culture of comparison it is easy to confuse vanity for self-love. Many people struggle to present the perfect versions of themselves to the world and hide their shadowy, darker sides living in fear that they will be exposed.

In her second title, Fiona Brennan brings the reader on a practical journey to create ‘The Self-Love Habit’ that will improve their ability to take care of themselves and to create happy relationships with the people they love and their wider community.

'... for someone like me who'd hit a rocky patch and was struggling, this programme was just what I needed. Non-judgemental, full of common sense and practical advice, it forces you to examine yourself and see how you can truly help yourself.'
Vicki Notaro, Irish Independent

'A self-help programme that works while you snooze and in fact sends you into a deeper sleep, happy days! ... I could feel the benefits after one week. I felt a general sense of calm and wellbeing that I cannot remember experiencing before, having lived with depression since my early teens.'
Michelle McDonagh, Irish Times