Rising Summer

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Rising Summer

Rising Summer

By: Mary Jane Staples

audio performed by: Madeleine Leslay
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:05/18/2021
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Tim Parkes was three when his parents were killed in a train crash and he went to live with his aunt May, first in New Cross and then to Walworth, where the living was cheaper. They managed splendidly - and then came the war. Tim Parkes became Gunner Parkes and Aunt May spent most of her nights in the Walworth air raid shelters with Tim keeping an eye on her whenever he was able.

When he got posted to Suffolk he wasn't too pleased - Suffolk was country, not like London at all. But in fact there were a lot of things about Sheldham that reminded him of home - the Walworth evacuees for a start. Those of them that weren't creating havoc in the Suffolk village were creating havoc in Tim's life. Minnie Beavers - ex-Camberwell - was 15, pert, pretty, and wildly in love with Tim. She was determined to inveigle him into marriage the minute she was old enough. Tim was equally determined to escape and choose his own girl.

By the time Tim had gone away to fight the war and Minnie had joined the WAAF, a great many things had changed in both their lives.