Escape to London

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Escape to London

Escape to London

By: Mary Jane Staples

audio performed by: Clare Corbett
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:05/18/2021
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Austria, 1938. Anne von Korvacs watches in horror as Hitler's tanks roll through the streets of Vienna, amid crowds of cheering supporters. Her embittered ex-husband, now a fervent member of the Nazi cause, is among the cavalcade - he is burning with hatred for Anne, seeing her as a symbol of the old Austrian empire he once served. A chance encounter with a British journalist leaves Anne with a secret that must be smuggled out of the country, and Anne knows that she must forsake her beloved Vienna and with her children flee to Britain. 

In a thrilling journey that will separate sisters and brothers, parents and children, Anne and her family escape to freedom, to dream of a reunion in far-away London. 

Mary Jane Staples introduces a cast of gloriously warm characters in this wartime romantic adventure.