Katerina's Secret

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Katerina's Secret

Katerina's Secret

By: Mary Jane Staples

audio performed by: Billie Fulford-Brown
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:06/08/2021
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A wartime hero and a mysterious woman.... 

1928: Edward Somers, passing the winter at the Hôtel de Corniche on the French Riviera, happens upon a nearby villa within which lives the elusive and beautiful Countess Katerina. Despite the fact she does not seem to be allowed visitors, he manages to forge a friendship and the pair grow closer and closer. 

But Edward cannot help but wonder: why is she confined to the villa, guarded by a man with a rifle? Who is observing her with a telescope? Why is she so reluctant to be photographed? 

A sinister chain of events unfolds: is Katerina's life in danger? Must she always be on the run and forced into hiding? Will she ever be allowed to find the love she craves?

Katerina's Secret was previously published as Shadows in the Afternoon.