Prey, The

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Prey, The

Prey, The

By: Tony Park

audio performed by: Richard Aspel
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:06/15/2021


A thriller from the author of Dark Heart.

Deep underground in the Eureka mine, South Africa’s zama zamas illegally hunt for gold. King of this brutal underworld is Wellington Shumba – a man who rules his pirate miners through fear of torture and death.

Running Eureka’s legitimate operation is former recce-commander Cameron McMurtrie. When one of his engineers is taken hostage, Cameron does not hesitate to mastermind a dramatic rescue – and finish it off with a manhunt for Wellington. That is until corporate interference from the mine’s Australian head office, in the shape of ambitious high-flyer Kylie Hamilton, gets in his way.

Doctor Hamilton is visiting South Africa supposedly to finalise a new mine on the border of the famed Kruger National Park, but instead she and Cameron are forced into a partnership to fend off an environmental war above ground and a deadly battle with a ruthless killer below.

Cameron and Kylie have become Wellington’s prey. They must unite – their lives depend on it.

'One of our best and most consistent thriller writers.'
Canberra Times