Shark-Infested Custard, The

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Shark-Infested Custard, The

Shark-Infested Custard, The

By: Charles Willeford

audio performed by: Kris Koscheski, Josh Goodman, Mike Carnes, Dan Bitner
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:06/08/2021
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From the master of Miami noir comes this tale of four regular guys living in a singles apartment building who experience firsthand that there's more than one type of heat in Miami.

Larry Dolman is a rather literal-minded ex-cop who now works private security. Eddie Miller is an airline pilot who's studying to get his real estate license. Don Luchessi is a silver salesman who's separated from his wife, but too Catholic to get a divorce. Hank Norton is a drug company rep who gets four times as many dames as any of the other guys. They are all regular guys who like to drink, play cards, meet broads, and shoot a little pool. But when a friendly bet goes horribly awry, they find themselves with two dead bodies on their hands and a homicidal husband in the wings - and acting more like hardened criminals than upstanding citizens.