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By: Jaime Castle, C.J. Valin

series:Raptors #1
audio performed by: Jack Meloche
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:06/08/2021
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My name is Sawyer William Vincent - I know, it sounds like three first names - but most people know me as the Red Raptor.

Well, technically no one knows I'm the Red Raptor, he's just a bit more popular. 

Wow. Enough about my name. Let me start over. I'm a superhero - the legendary Black Harrier's partner. Not sidekick. I don't care if I'm still in high school. We work together to bring down the city's most dangerous villains. 

When the Black Harrier gets a mysterious note, then goes missing in New York City, things are pretty much left up to me. But don't worry...I've got this. Piece of cake. 

If you like Tim Drake as Robin or ever wondered what Peter Parker would be like if he lived in Gotham, Rap-tors is right up your alley. 

From number one Audible best seller Jaime Castle and CJ Valin comes a new superhero universe perfect for fans of both DC and Marvel.

Actually, it's for fans of anything superhero-related. You're gonna like it. Promise.