Road to Love and Laughter, The

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Road to Love and Laughter, The

Road to Love and Laughter, The

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Life Together

By: Kristin Adams, Danny Adams

audio performed by: Kristin Adams, Danny Adams
genre: Faith Based - Christian Living
publication date:07/20/2021


What's the secret to keeping love alive and full of laughter? Kristin and Danny Adams, the couple behind numerous hilarious viral lip sync videos, draw from their own experience in marriage and entertainment to encourage you to live loudly, love radically, and laugh uncontrollably.

Every relationship needs plenty of love and laughter. But how do you keep the fun going when the road gets hard? Viral video creators Kristin and Danny Adams's journey has involved more "heated fellowship" than their hilarious lip sync videos might lead you to think. Kristin and Danny invite you to:

  • Turn roadblocks into opportunities for growth, wisdom, and even laughter
  • Have faith in God to sustain you in difficult times and bring back your joy
  • Let go of the fear of change and find courage to face all of life together
  • Face the "laugh blockers" that get in the way of the joy of connection

Rediscover the joy of your unique connection for a deeper and more fulfilling marriage journey.

"You will come away changed. . . . This is a must-read!" —Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke

"With humor and so much wisdom, this story will leave you inspired and feeling like you're not alone." —Jeremy and Audrey Roloff