Road to Love and Laughter, The

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Road to Love and Laughter, The

Road to Love and Laughter, The

Navigating the Twists and Turns of Life Together

By: Kristin Adams, Danny Adams

audio performed by: Kristin Adams, Danny Adams
genre: Faith Based - Christian Living
publication date:07/20/2021
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ANYONE can look like they have it all together in a 3-minute edited video clip.

But like they've shared in their popular YouTube videos, Kristin and Danny have weathered more than their hilarious lip-sync mashups might lead you to think. While they wholeheartedly believe their motto "laughter is the best medicine," behind the scenes Kristin and Danny live a much different life than what you see onscreen.

Through honest and vulnerable stories recounting all the embarrassing details--like falling down on national television at an American Idol audition (Kristin), and facing the threat of murder after having a "man-to-man" talk with his future father-in-law (Danny)--the Adamses show that often the terrible experiences we fear are actually the beginning of greatness.

Life is going to take you for twists and turns. You will hit potholes and bumper-to-bumper traffic, detours, construction zones and . . . you get it. But with the Adamses as your fearless--or almost fearless--guides, you'll gain the roadmap that has kept them from turning the car around or driving off a cliff.

So keep going, keep laughing, and turn up the music!