Family Affair, A

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Family Affair, A

Family Affair, A

By: Mary Jane Staples

series:Adams Family #5
audio performed by: Annie Aldington
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:07/20/2021
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Can the family keep safe from harm?

1926: The murderer Gerald Ponsonby has been caught, thanks to Boots, and is facing trial. He hates Boots and the whole Adams clan and is hungry for revenge.

When a dapper, quiet, but rather odd lodger turns up at Doreen Paterson's house, nobody thinks anything is amiss. Certainly not Doreen - who works for Boots in Adams Enterprises and thinks him just wonderful....

Could the strange lodger be plotting the downfall of the irrepressible, outrageous, and larger-than-life Adams clan?

A Family Affair is the fifth in Mary Jane Staples's Adams Family series. Their story continues in Missing Person. Have you heard the first four Adams Family novels?