Our Emily

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Our Emily

Our Emily

By: Mary Jane Staples

series:Adams Family #2
audio performed by: Annie Aldington
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:07/20/2021
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Can she win over her sweetheart's family? 

Emily had always been a trial as a child - pushy and rough - and Boots had always avoided her. 

But now she's an elegant and stylish young lady, and she and Boots are due to be married - and must face the challenge of his wartime injuries together. 

Can she draw on that steely toughness to rise to the challenge and do right by the love of her life and his family? 

Our Emily is the second in Mary Jane Staples's Adams Family series. Their story continues in The King of Camberwell. Have you listened to Down Lambeth Way, the first Adams Family book?