Handsome Devil

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Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil

A Hero Club Novel

By: Hero Club, Sara Cate

series:Hero Club
audio performed by: CJ Bloom, Will Watt
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:07/27/2021
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There are exactly 2,716 miles between my home in Boston and my best friend in Las Vegas. When she calls me to let me know that she's about to get married and needs me at her ceremony in five days, how could I refuse? 

Just one problem. These winter storms have all the flights cancelled. 

Luckily for me, I'm not the only person desperate to get to that wedding. Kristen's dad, whom I've never met, is waiting outside my apartment, willing to drive me across the country so neither of us miss the wedding.

By New York, I learn that Henry James is the smuggest British man I have ever met.

In Chicago, he makes me question every single life choice I've made.

It's in Denver that we finally break the forbidden rules between us. 

By the time we reach Vegas, my best friend may never want to speak to me again - because I've fallen head over heels for her dad.