Fate's Demand

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Fate's Demand

Fate's Demand

A dark-romance short story

By: Aleatha Romig

series:The Devil's
audio performed by: Kelli Tager
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:07/27/2021
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What is your desire?

Lust, money, or power?

I am the man who can make every dream come true, for a price.

Years ago, a fight for supremacy took place between the two most powerful families in New Orleans. The battle was set in the metaphoric octagon, with the spotlight blazing. The city sat in paralyzed fear, awaiting word of a victor.

Abraham Rames versus Isaiah Boudreau.

One man would emerge victorious and rule the city of sin.

Neither understood that the devil was in the details.

Neither lived to see the rising sun.

I'm Everett Rames, son of Abraham, and I am the devil.

I took my rightful place as king of New Orleans.

Now, my realm is threatened by a man with false claims to the Boudreaux.

I know what I must have to secure my reign - who I must have.

The rightful daughter of Isaiah Boudreau, Emma North, must be my wife. Together we will reign stronger than ever before. But first, she must take the devil's deal.