Switch Bidder

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Switch Bidder

Switch Bidder

A Jock Hard Novella

By: Sara Ney

series:Jock Hard
audio performed by: Brooke Bloomingdale, Tim Paige
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:08/03/2021
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Piper has been crushing on Ryder Williams for years....

What better chance to make her move on him than when he's sacrificing himself on an auction block for a squealing mass of fans at a charity event? Too bad she'd rather hide in the bathroom than raise her paddle; what girl actually bids on a guy who doesn't know she exists?

Not. Piper.

But that's what friends are for....

One meddling best friend, and an overpriced bid later, and Ryder Willams is Piper's for the taking. Too bad that she has no intention of collecting on his debt.

Too bad Ryder is determined to find out why.

Note: Switch Bidder is a short #JockHard novella, at 10,000 words - aka short novella.