Where the Missing Gather

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Where the Missing Gather

Where the Missing Gather

By: Helen Sedgwick

series:Burrowhead #2
audio performed by: Julie Maisey
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:09/15/2021


Where the Missing Gather is the second instalment in the Burrowhead series from the award-wining author, Helen Sedgwick.

Please God, don't let this be about Burrowhead ...

An archaeological dig exposes a brutal history and a witness finally speaks. It seems the wickedness swirling in the harsh sea air of Burrowhead might be excised at last.

But before DI Georgie Strachan can lift the veil of evil, a black horse is slaughtered on an altar in the woods and human remains begin to surface. Sinister rituals connect past and present but no one wants to see, or tell, or hear the truth. Soon Georgie must face the question – where do the missing souls of the village gather?