Guilty Man, The

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Guilty Man, The

Guilty Man, The

By: Helen H. Durrant

series:Lennox & Wilde #1
audio performed by: John Voce
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:10/15/2021


The Guilty Man is a mystery full of stunning twists from #1 bestselling author Helen H. Durrant.

A little girl, presumed dead, turns up playing happily in the park. She is barefoot but otherwise unharmed. The child’s mother who lives on a notorious local estate doesn’t seem bothered that her daughter has returned alive.

Meanwhile, a man is tortured by a ruthless criminal. The victim’s severed hand is left on his wife’s doorstep.

Detective Harry Lennox and DI Jess Wilde investigate. How do the cases connect and who is using threats to drive people out of their homes? Harry Lennox is battling his own demons, trying to bury a secret from his past with alcohol. He stays in a rundown campervan on a friend’s driveway. Jess wants to know why he’s living like this but he refuses to tell her anything. What's he hiding?