Dark Side, The

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Dark Side, The

Dark Side, The

By: Greig Beck

series:Alex Hunter #9
audio performed by: Sean Mangan
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:10/15/2021


Hundreds of thousands of miles away on the dark side of the moon, the Russian lunar base has self-destructed – all personnel are dead, except one. Olga Sobakin, the lone survivor, seeks refuge at the rival American base.

Olga tells the Americans her base was attacked by a horrifying and nightmarish creature – the pattern was the same – people vanished, leaving nothing behind but shredded clothing and an unidentifiable waste product. The Americans are sceptical of her story at first, but then people begin to disappear …

Back on Earth, just before the American lunar base went completely dark, a single message is received – ‘Lifeform’. Intercepted whisperings from Russian intelligence indicate a deadly spreading attack and a rising global threat. Escalated to priority one, there’s only one team up for the task.

Alex Hunter and his elite group of HAWCs are on a rescue mission to the desolate and darkest unknown. Who or what, awaits them on the dark side?