Legend of Fire Mountain, The

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Legend of Fire Mountain, The

Legend of Fire Mountain, The

By: Sarah Lark

series:The Fire Blossom Saga #3
audio performed by: Anthea Greco
genre: Fiction - Historical Fiction
publication date:10/19/2021


Bold new paths in life and love are forged in nineteenth-century New Zealand in the stirring final chapter of bestselling author Sarah Lark’s multigenerational Fire Blossom Saga.

It’s 1880 in the North Island town of Otaki, where Aroha lives contentedly with her mother, Linda—until a fateful tragedy leaves Aroha traumatized and plagued by a cursed guilt. For the long recovery ahead, Aroha is sent to Rata Station, a thriving sheep farm that Aroha’s mother and grandmother once called home. Linda knows it’s the perfect place for her daughter to heal, find hope, and start a life she can call her own.

On South Island, Aroha soon develops a bond with her relatives, who are looking toward the future, too. Aroha’s cousin March is a vivacious, business-minded beauty who wants to take advantage of New Zealand’s burgeoning industrial age. Robin is a delicate young man and an aspiring actor as fearful of his father’s disapproval as he is desperate to run from it. And then there’s Aroha, who sees unexpected opportunity in the growing tourism trade beyond the continental plains.

Through personal trials, professional compromises, great love, profound loss, and a struggle to survive, Aroha, March, and Robin will discover their true destinies. A country is in flux, and a generation of ambitious and resilient young dreamers is changing with it in this exhilarating conclusion to an epic saga.