Weird Menace

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Weird Menace

Weird Menace

By: Ed Park

series:Audible Original Stories
audio performed by: Hillary Huber, Eric Yves Garcia
genre: Literary Fiction - Literary Fiction
publication date:09/21/2021
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A retired actor and her director discuss the film that altered the course of their careers, in this provocative new story by Ed Park, author of Personal Days.

Barbara Lee Handbook (pronounced “Hanbok”), whom fans will know as Barbie Moran, the ‘80s bombshell and star of the cult sci-fi film Weird Menace, sits down with Director Toner Low to discuss the making of the classic film - set on a distant planet, featuring mutant attackers, cyber ladies of the 34th century, and no shortage of warring spaceships - for the Blu-ray edition, in this absurdly funny and poignant meditation on art, legacy, and our ambivalence about the life choices that define us.