Ursulina, The

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Ursulina, The

Ursulina, The

By: Brian Freeman

series:Shelby Lake
audio performed by: January LaVoy
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:09/21/2021
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In this gripping follow-up to his Edgar Award-nominated mystery, The Deep, Deep Snow, Brian Freeman tells the story of Rebecca Colder, a young sheriff's deputy who faces the most excruciating choice a mother can make.

I know you'll never forgive me for what I did. I'm sure you've asked yourself that question many times over the years.

Why? Why did I do it?

Well, sweetheart, this is the answer.

I was only 26 years old when the monster came back to Black Wolf County. The answers you want begin at Christmas time that year. However, if you really want to understand everything that happened to me - to us - you have to go even further back in my life.

Years back, to the night I met the Ursulina face to face.

So let's start there.