Sleepless over You

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Sleepless over You

Sleepless over You

By: Sydney Smyth

audio performed by: Teddy Hamilton, Robbie Martino
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:09/21/2021
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Brimming with humor and powerful emotion, prepare to fall in love with this modern-day nod to a classic rom com. 

Matt Mazola never expected a popular relationship podcast to change his life, but that's exactly what happens when he tunes in and hears a young woman share her heartfelt wish that her grieving father find love again. The widower she describes - Hugo James - captures Matt's attention, and he sets off on a crash course to meet the other man. 

But Matt soon discovers that he and Hugo are an unlikely match. Matt is a 20-something city guy who's still searching for his life's purpose while Hugo is an accomplished 45-year-old Brit living in the Hamptons. Why would Hugo be interested in guy like him? But fate seems to have a plan in store for them, and when destiny steps in, who are Matt and Hugo to stop its irresistible pull?