Tomorrow Is Another Day

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Tomorrow Is Another Day

Tomorrow Is Another Day

By: Mary Jane Staples

series:Adams Family #16
audio performed by: Annie Aldington
genre: Fiction - Historical Fiction
publication date:10/26/2021
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From autumn 1941 to the first months of 1942, the war continued to affect the lives of the Adams and Somers families.

It was not so much the war, however, as a succession of tragic domestic events that brought a sad and lonely little girl called Phoebe into the care of Susie and Sammy Adams, reminding them of the entry of Rosie as a child into the lives of Boots and Emily. Much needed to be done to cure little Phoebe of her sadness, and it proved a difficult time for Susie and Sammy.

Further shadows fell when news came that Tim was a prisoner of war, and that Japan had attacked the American fleet in Pearl Harbour and British bases in the Far East.

But Boots' French-born daughter, Eloise, had her dearest wish come true when she married Colonel Lucas of the Commandos in Alexandria.