Magic Flower Shop, The

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Magic Flower Shop, The

Magic Flower Shop, The

By: Gina Mayer

audio performed by: Khristine Hvam
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Middle Grade
publication date:10/12/2021
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A delightfully magical story for kids that features a recipe at the end for a sweet treat!

Nine-year-old Violet loves spending time in her Aunt Abigail's flower shop in their small British town. And she's so excited to stay overnight with her Aunt Abigail for the first time! But when Aunt Abigail has to leave to deal with an emergency, Violet and her friends, twins Jack and Zack, start poking around - and discover that her aunt owns an ancient magical flower book and uses her flower magic to make people happy! 

Violet wants to do that, too. Her first mission: making a match between two of her teachers. Unfortunately, it all goes wrong! Until Aunt Abigail comes to the rescue, that is. It's not long until Violet finds another opportunity to test out some magic: helping her classmate Fiorella, who's deeply unhappy even though she's an amazing piano player. Can Violet help Fiorella stand up for what she wants? Or is there more magical mayhem in store?