My Story

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My Story

My Story

By: Kamala Das

audio performed by: Suchitra Koliyot
genre: Biography - Biography
publication date:10/19/2021
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My Story is an autobiographical book written by Indian author and poet Kamala Das (also known as Kamala Surayya or Madhavikutty). The book was originally published in Malayalam, titled Ente Katha. The book evoked violent reactions of admiration and criticism among readers and critics. It remains to date the best-selling woman's autobiography in India.

My Story is a chronologically ordered, linear narrative written in a realist style. In the book, Das recounts the trials of her marriage and her painful self-awakening as a woman and writer. The entire account is written in the format of a novel. Though My Story was supposed to be an autobiography, Das later admitted that there was plenty of fiction in it.